Dear God, I’m bad at this. Just haven’t got into the swing of posting yet.

So I’m back from holiday. Had an AMAZING time ; I wish I could have stayed longer (better I leave before wearing out my welcome, though 🙂 ). San Diego is a really great place – lots to do, lots to see, and very friendly.

And I was right – it really *was* great to not think about work for a week.

I took a ton of photos while I was there. If I have time maybe I’ll put some online later.

Going on vacation! Leaving work at 3, flight’s at 6. It’ll be nice to just not think about work for a week.

Finished “Pattern Recognition” last night. Loved every word; highly recommended. What next?

So, I’ve been reading a lot lately. All fiction, because I’m too drained at the end of the day to read anything technical. My current fascination is “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson. There’s something indescribable about Gibson’s prose. The text is almost tactile – I mean, I can *feel* it when I read. It’s like I’m reading braille or something. I understand synaesthesia now.