Best of 2006

Has it really been nearly four months since my last proper post? These brain dumps of mine really are at random. Anyway, we’re two weeks into the new year, so I figured before getting any further into 2007 I’d put together a list of my favourite music from 2006. Without further ado, here are my favourite releases of 2006:

  • Skyshaper by Covenant.

    From the first time I heard them Covenant has been my favourite EBM band. Over the years they’ve evolved without ever abandoning their EBM roots or the sound their fans have grown to love. Skyshaper continues the trend.

  • Ring Pass Not by Drop Black Sky.

    I wrote about how amazing Drop Black Sky are in July of last year. In a long list of great albums this year, Ring Pass Not more than holds its own. I’m really looking forward to more new material from Drop Black Sky.

  • Silver Tree by Lisa Gerrard.

    From Dead Can Dance to her solo releases and her soundtrack work, Lisa Gerrard has always had Midas’ touch. It’s nice to know that some things don’t change.

  • Supernature by Goldfrapp.

    My favourite Goldfrapp album – every song is sexy and intoxicating. Alison Goldfrapp could make singing the scales sound sexy. She’s not just singing scales.

  • Fear Is On Our Side by I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness.

    Reminiscent of Joy Division, but not derivative. Also, best band name ever.

  • Silver by Jesu.

    Combining the shoegazer-style swirling, melodious, feedback-filled wall of noise and the deep, slow, snarl of Godflesh, Silver is probably my favourite release of the year. I can listen to this EP over and over again, discovering something new and hidden on every listen. Jesu first EP and album were brilliant, but Silver is undeniable proof of Justin Broadrick’s musical genius.

  • Hosannas From The Basements of Hell by Killing Joke.

    Another album of seething anger, ringing guitar, and thunderous bass and beats from one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time.

  • The Bells of 1 2 and Psscheeow by Sol Seppy.

    Sol Seppy is the stage moniker of former Sparklehorse collaborator Sophie Michalitsianos, and she’s produced one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard in “The Bells of 1 2”. (“Psscheeow” is an EP that features two tracks from “The Bells of 1 2” and is equally brilliant.) Sweet, melodic, and hearfelt, between the two records there isn’t a single wasted moment. Most remarkable is the intimacy of the music – it honestly feels like she’s singing to you. Gorgeous.

  • Having by Trespassers William.

    TW’s first album, “Different Stars”, showcased Anna Lynne Williams voice with songs both beautiful and mournful. “Having” is, if anything, an even more beautiful and mournful sounding album. It’s one of my favourite albums to fall asleep to.

  • Return to Cookie Mountain by TV on the Radio.

    TV on the Radio are the critics’ darlings, but that’s okay – even the critics sometimes get it right. Though it doesn’t have a song that hits the (admittedly high) watermark set by “Staring at the Sun” (from 2003’s “Young Liars” EP), Return to Cookie Mountain is TVotR’s most consistent album. Quirky and unique, and utterly captivating.