eMusic Downloads

I’ve been meaning to start this for a while now, and now’s as good a time as any. Every month I’ll post how I spent my eMusic downloads, and if I have time brief reviews of each download. So, without further ado:

  • “Avatar” by Angels and Agony

    Dancey synthpop/EBM from the Netherlands. Recommended for fans of Wolfsheim, Apoptygma Berserk, VNV Nation etc.

  • Hate” by The Delgados

    Sweet indie pop from Scotland. Sadly, The Delgados have disbanded, but this album is a true gem. The lead track, “The Light Before We Land” is beautiful, and was used as the opening theme for the Gunslinger Girl anime series.

  • “Aviator” by Funker Vogt

    Agressive dance industrial from Germany.

  • “Mira” by Mira

  • “apart” by Mira

  • “There I Go Daydreamer” by Mira

    Three albums of pretty shoegazer stuff. Lots of layered guitars and ethereal vocals.

  • “Immolate Yourself” by Telefon Tel Aviv

    Perhaps the last album from Telefon Tel Aviv – tragically, band member Charles Cooper passed away just before the album was released. The first couple of TTA albums were interesting if not exactly gripping listens, but this album takes influence from M83 and that makes all the difference – a wonderful listen. If it is, indeed, the last we’ll hear from TTA, they’re ending on a very high note.

  • “Noctolucent” by Transmission

    Transmission features Youth and Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke – this one’s just an EP, but the two full-length albums (“Beyond Light” and “Sublimity”) are pretty good too. Ignore the other stuff – eMusic has mixed the albums from two different bands called Transmission.