New eMusic Downloads

Here’s how I spent April’s 90 tracks at eMusic:

  • Halou by Halou

    Beautiful vocals and shimmering melodies, I just can’t get enough of Halou. This latest album features guest appearances from ex-Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie, and cellist extraordinaire Zoe Keating. Amazingly good.

  • Exile Paradise by In Strict Confidence

    EBM for those who are sick of the same old EBM. Major keys, pretty female vocals, and good lyrics (!).

  • Blitz by KMFDM

    KMFDM never changes – they’ve been recycling the same material since Angst, and I think that’s exactly why I keep getting their stuff. They know what their fans like, and they don’t fix a formula that isn’t broken. If you liked the last 8 or 9 studio albums, you’ll probably like this one too, and if you didn’t, well, this one ain’t gonna change your mind.

  • Devils In My Details by OhGr

    The third album from Skinny Puppy frontman Nivek Ogre and producer Mark Walk. None of OhGr’s albums have been “Skinny Puppy light”, but this is perhaps the darkest one yet. It’s different enough from Skinny Puppy that some fans may feel alienated (though that was true of both WELT and SunnyPsyOp too), but it’s an excellent album that shows Ogre isn’t content to rest on his laurels. Dig it.

  • Kaskade by Project Pitchfork

    Project Pitchfork has never strayed far from strong beats, cold synth arrangements, and nearly tuneless vocals, and this album doesn’t really change that, but the albums do all sound different – Kaskade is an evolution of that classic Project Pitchfork sound, and draws influences from several genres of music – industrial, prog rock, pop, even baroque. Not my favourite Project Pitchfork album, but it’s a great listen.

  • Lust for Blood by Velvet Acid Christ

    Once, a long long time ago, I listened to VAC all day long, and was left feeling totally and utterly paranoid – something about VAC’s compositions is so sinister and creepy that even if you can’t make out the lyrics (and I can’t) the songs have a profound effect. Lust for Blood is just as paranoia-inducing as my favourite VAC album, Church of Acid. Brilliant.

And in other news, I picked up both of Zoe Keating‘s One Cello x 16 albums. Zoe Keating uses a single cello and a foot-pedal controlled computer to create huge, lush, layered epic orchestral pieces of music. She’s also worked with some really amazing acts like Rasputina, Halou, and Amanda Palmer. *Highly* recommended.