Steve and I went to see A Northern Chorus tonight. We had to leave a bit early so we could catch the train back into the goddamn suburbs, and the show got started late (and there was an extra opening band that wasn’t listed on the bill) so we wound up leaving before A Northern Chorus actually hit the stage. I’m rather disappointed by this. The opening band was Alive and Living and they were quite good – folky indie rock. Next up were local veterans SIANspheric and they were really really really loud. Too loud for the venue, in fact. Anyway, SIANspheric alternate between playing some really cool shoegazery wall-of-feedback guitar swirl, and some really annoying thrashy metal-inspired rock. Overall, I like the band, but I’d rather they stuck to the shoegazery stuff, and the singer shut the Hell up (he really can’t sing – not that he was audible over the din at the show). If I hadn’t brought earplugs I’d have called in deaf for work tomorrow.

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